Patient Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously and want you to be aware that your rights to privacy as a patient are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. For detailed information about these rights please visit .

Your name, address, and contact information are Protected Health Information (PHI) whenever they are associated with your health care. We cannot and would not disclose this information to any party under almost any circumstances—the few exceptions would involve court orders or rare circmustances under which a refusal to disclose the information is unlawful. We also are careful to keep treatment information (formula ingredients, dosage instructions, and practitioner names) completely separated from your identifying information. The formulas that we place in your “saved formulas” area on your account page are labeled so that you know as much about them as possible without disclosing treatment information. For example, a saved formula might be labeled “CHS Order #39xx Practitioner: BA 100 grams $27.00” when the practitioner's first and last initials are “BA,” the formula quantity is 100 grams, and its cost is $27.00. When you receive a formula it will include a packing list with all necessary information including a list of the herbal ingredients, the practitioner's contact information, dosage information, and any other instructions the practitioner included with the order. This information is compiled OFFLINE.

Information used to process payments, however, is transmitted by secure server to third parties (credit card processors) who have not agreed to treat it as PHI. This information is ALWAYS separated from treatment information but a record will exist that you have made, for example, a credit card payment to Chinese Herbal Solutions.