Adaptogenic Boost Herbal Formula 100 capsules

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All-natural, vegan, gluten-free. 5:1 concentrated herbal granules in size 00 vegetarian gel caps. Each bottle contains 100 capsules. Suggested use 1-3 capsules per day taken before noon. Taking more than 1 capsule per day or taking capsules later in the day may interfere with sleep for some individuals. Do not take while pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before taking this product with prescription medications. Each capsule contains approx 400mg, total net weight 40 grams.
Herbal Formula contains:      
Jiao Gu Lan / Gynostemma Plant           
Bai Zhu / Atractylodes (Alba)                           
Fu Ling / Poria                   
Wu Wei Zi / Schisandra Fruit   
Dong Chong Xia Cao / Cordyceps Mycelium
Ci Wu Jia / Siberian Ginseng
Hong Jing Tian / Rhodiola
Ling Zhi / Reishi                    
Huang Qi / Astragalus Root           
Huang Jing / Siberian Solomon's Seal       
Dang Shen / Codonopsis Root
Huang Qin / Scute
Ye Jiao Teng / Fleeceflower Stem
Zhi Gan Cao / Licorice (Baked)           
Sheng Jiang  / Ginger (Fresh)               
Da Zao (Hong) / Jujube – dates (Red)

Other ingredients: Non-GMO potato starch (binder), vegetable cellulose.