**If your browser indicates that the site is not secure, please log in at www.bewellherbs.com. This error occurs when the browser has retained the old website address (www.chspatients.com) from a previous visit.**  

Welcome! You may notice that we've changed our domain name to bewellherbs.com! If you have previously visited chspatients.com you're in the right place, this is (still) the patient portal for Chinese Herbal Solutions and you can still reach us by entering "chspatients.com" in your browser's address bar. We will also be changing the site's appearance but the work will not interfere with your ability to order formulas! If you have any questions about the name change please e-mail Brian: brian@chineseherbalsolutions.com.   

We're proud to announce that Be Well Herbs will soon be offering select herbal products and supplements to the public! The site will specialize in products that help promote general wellness and longevity. Areas of focus include: immune support, late-stage Lyme Disease support, and cancer support. 

We're also proud to announce that we will be offering select Life Extension products. Life Extension has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality and efficacious supplements that are in close alignment with our purpose: to help people maximize wellness!! Learn more about their products at www.lifeextension.com!